Maxheal Overview

Each formulation is unique, just as each drug is unique. At Maxheal, formulation projects start with a strategic formulation plan. The formulation strategy is the result of a thorough analysis of the preformulation data report, the intended manufacturing process, any patient compliance issues and the strategic goals of the company.

At Maxheal , our team of formulation scientists has a comprehensive understanding of both solid oral drug product development & injectable drug product development. We understand that certain candidates present specific challenges such as low bioavailability, poor solubility and/or permeability and poor physical stability.

At Maxheal, our team of formulation experts boasts experience in wide range of routes of administration:

  • Solid dosage formulations (capsules, tablets for immediate release or extended release).
  • Semi-solid formulations for oral administration (syrups, suspensions).
  • Sterile liquid dosage formulations (ophthalmic, oral, nasal).
  • Injectables drugs (intravenous, and intramuscular, subcutaneous injectables).
  • Lyophilized formulations.
  • Topical formulations (creams, gels).
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